Certify One Services is a third-party loft certification service provider. We protect and validate One Loft Race's integrity and ethical practices.


Shipping day

Inspect loft cleanness and general hygiene practices

Inspect and test water for any foreign and unusual additive

Inspect food

Supervise feeding and watering

Inspect computer operation

Initiate shipping from a clean unaltered computer data

Scan and verify electronic bands

Supervise basketing and crate handling

Lock crates with tamper proof locks

Accompany truck driver to release station immediately after shipping

Race day

Arrive at release station at least 2 hours before liberation time

Verify and validate accurate on location GPS coordinates and direct flight distance to the loft

Water the birds

Release birds at the pre-arranged time

At arrival

Supervise electronic clocking accuracy

Display birds for public inspections

Confirm winners

Close the race

We will provide a professionally edited video documenting shipping, release, and arrival